making (and bookish things)



things: a quilt for my friend’s birthday. A book. I didn’t mention yet that in conjunction with MIEL and 111O, I’m also making one handmade book each week, in editions from two to…quite a few more than two. I wanted to have a project I could work on all year, and one that would let me try new forms. So books it is. The one above is called SMALL: a manifesto. It comes with a magnifying glass because the type is…small.

Some of these books will be for sale via MIEL’s table at States of Independence, a small press day in Leicester (March 17).

Did I mention that excerpts from a long poem I wrote have been published in the (online) magazine Free Verse? They have, and you can read them here.

Thank you for your thoughtful engagement on my last post. At one point in the poem (in the excerpts) I am talking in idealistic terms about working and being together, and I say “I never said I could do the things I want you to do”. Which is kind of how I feel about all this. I mean, I want to do it but often fail. But I will continue to try. And to offer my support and understanding for anyone else who is trying, too.


  1. wow. you are just rockin the amazing projects my friend
    [but wait – what about YOUR project w/ me??? 😉 – still happening?]

  2. yes yes! happening! just need to find people. I did not think that would be the hardest, but between chasing translators & finding people who will live with it…!? it has been. SO my plan is to reignite that once we are out of the UK–in July/August, with intention of installing and photoing/interviewing first people in early fall, for an October launch of the project and the smaller ones for public consumption. Still ok for you?

    Thank you, Lisa. THANK YOU. xoxox

  3. I guess I don’t see you failing e–I see you supporting and speaking and making, and have always seen that in you. Was thinking about Wendell Berry today and had this fleeting question of whether he ever worried about rejections or posturing or “being an artist” or whether he just put the plow in the field and kicked up the mule and then was there later to see the harvest.

    I’m really happy to witness your energy and creativity in the world. It is truly inspiring. Kicks up my own mule a bit.

  4. Appreciating all your projects and your pushing to do more projects on my side as well. I could do the things you want me to do. It’s like when I was helping a friend move and I thought she’d asked me to carry one of her shelves out (except that’s not what she said) I totally thought I could do it as long as I thought that she thought I could.

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