a few poems I’ve liked recently, a few I’ve written

The Arch“, by Patricia Lockwood.
Ladybirds“, by Larissa Szporluk.
An American Poem“, by Eileen Myles.
High and Bright and Fine and Ice“, by Darcie Dennigan.

My own work: “Island century” and “Dream sequence for the century, with sonata“, in Cerise Press. An excerpt from a book-length poem, Scale model of the world, in Free Verse. Two poems in Precipitate.

If you are participating in National Poetry Month at all, what are you doing? If not, but you are reading/writing/finding interesting things, I would love to know. And did you know that MIEL, the press I run with Jonathan, is looking for shops, bookshops, cafés, artists, writers, makers, etc., to feature on its weblog?


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  1. i’m back… dream sequence…. the firm belief followed by questioning… yes. and
    lessons and carols… so much feels familiar. true.

    thank you for sharing these

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