in the stacks

Coffee House Press runs a residency program that puts writers and artists in archives, libraries, and other collections. I’m using the collection that belongs to the Little Poetry Library and working at Blue Moon Coffee Café (where the Little Poetry Library is located) over the next two weeks, while I make a Book of Hours—I hope with the collaboration of community members (you?). I’ll also be reading on August 4th at Blue Moon (upstairs); it’s free and you are invited. Compline-July23-Lorsung

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  1. Since I cannot be there, I send my best wishes for your reading and your Book of Hours. ‘Break a leg,’ as they would say in a different venue!!

  2. i wish i could be there [and it’s true my dad and i do read. in fact he asked me in the car today if i had read your last post – which i hadn’t until now – and um YES. and how do i not know those writers? i am ashamed. and YES to the see you tomorrow and mean it and the magic of a finite time [[like camp]] that allows for the REAL work… and gives space. and momentum.]

    i feel like we are so close and yet so far. we still need to chat. and perhaps scheme up a visit??

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