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Vermont Studio Center

Vermont Studio CenterThe real thing is going to bed and saying see you in the morning, and meaning it, in a stress-free way: knowing that you’ll be able to have more conversations and more walks and more readings and more viewings, more cups of tea and more meals together. And that that will go on and on, and that it will moreover go on and on in an environment that is designed to support your (pl.) work, and not only to support it but to understand it, to make it feel, for the month, sensible and reasonable that you should want to do it all the time, and be surrounded by people who are likewise making this kind of work. It’s a combination of the last month of high school (everyone kind of grouping up, despite whatever differences there might have been/that might persist outside the confines of those short weeks) combined with the best imagination of a summer camp combined with your favorite peers from university (the ones who you’d gladly talk to all night long, and tomorrow night, too), combined with the recognition—sometimes immediate, sometimes slower-growing—of deeply kindred spirits. It changed my life to be with them.


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  1. What a thrilling experience you are having there! It is heartwarming to read how welcome you feel. THANK YOU for sharing it with us, who wish you to continue to savor every moment you are there.

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