September, all of a sudden

Summer at Dickinson House

When I look back in my photos to May and see that the vegetable garden was still mostly bare—small plants and rows where we had planted seeds—now feels unlikely or miraculous. We have had probably ten kilos of beans this summer, two pumpkins (one truly enormous, one just normally large), three butternut squash, two charentais melons (four more on the vine), literal hundreds of zucchini and tomatillos (the latter all processed into green salsa), peas, herbs (dill, rosemary, oregano, mint, chamomile, calendula, lavender all dried for later use), pickling cucumbers, jalapeños, carrots, raspberries, plums (about 3 kg), now the first apples are coming from the trees, and sweetcorn. I have made almost a liter of raspberry jam. There are things I strongly dislike about living in Belgium (and someday soon I will write about them, but not today) but I love this garden and I love having people to stay in and use the things from it.

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