No is a world

The likely Education Secretary could not confirm that she would require all states to support children with disabilities in the classroom. (Article on the confirmation hearing here.) In case you didn’t know, that is federal law. Everything starts small. History gives us a magnifying glass so we can easily find the important things, but they all begin like this: a woman refusing to confirm that, in a position of power, she would require equal provision for vulnerable students. First you see the evaporation of equal provision; then you see the question emerge of whether ‘those children’ are really fit for school; then you start to hear that perhaps ‘those children’ aren’t ‘normal’ and should be sent away. I am not exaggerating (content warning on that link: euthanasia and Holocaust).


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  1. THANKS for pointing out where things are headed with Trump in the White House. And these are only the start of what are assaults on basic human rights and freedoms, let alone compassion for our fellow residents on the planet. For those interested the WaPo has a piece comparing Trump to ‘strongmen’ leaders (caudillo) in Latin America. Think of Chavez in Venezuela as the most recent example. Peron in Argentina is another one. The similarities are striking and frightening.

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