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Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 18.32.54Dear Senator Franken,

In December 2015 you wrote me a very kind note of congratulations on my NEA Fellowship in Literature. I have benefited immensely from this fellowship; not only, of course, in terms of the material support that the money has offered (I don’t have stable income, and this has allowed me to have savings I never did before), but in terms of the connections and opportunities brought simply by having my name connected to the NEA. It has been, and I suspect will continue to be, invaluable to the professional side of my writing life—making the quiet, often difficult part of actually writing books much more bearable. Thank you for your note; I hope I can count on you to push this administration to preserve the NEA and NEH. As I’m sure you know, arts and humanities are what make our lives meaningful and what help us find ways of making meaning. It would be an immense shame if these programs were defunded.

Thank you again, and best wishes,
Éireann Lorsung
2015 NEA Fellow, Literature (Prose)


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  1. As I did not know you had received this award the first thing to do is to offer you my congratulations! What a richly deserved compliment and confirmation it was of the fine work you are doing.

    It is heartwarming, too, that you wrote the Senator a thank you note. They get tons of complaints and demands in the course of their work. They probably really appreciate receiving some acknowledgment and appreciation for having done ‘a good thing’ for one of their constituents. I bet it warmed his heart!

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