part two | 11-5

november 5

Saw Josh Ritter play tonight in Brussels. Setlist:

Best for the best
Southern Pacifica
Monster Ballads (!!!!)
Certain Light
Crystal Chandeliers
Wings (!!!)
New Lover
Snow is Gone (!!!)
Baby That’s Not All (really lovely w/ mandolin)
[a new song I don’t know the name of]
Make me down
Long shadows
[another song I don’t know]
Girl in the war (!!!)
Temptation of Adam
Joy to you, baby (this was great)

a song by Zachariah Hickman about a mocktopus
Willie Nelson’s “Can I sleep in your arms?” w/ Tift Merrit, Josh Kaplan, Z. Hickman
Wait for Love

Best parts: “Monster Ballads” and so many people singing around me. Josh Ritter doing things without the microphone, stepping over the monitors to be close to the audience. Watching them have fun playing music together, often all three with their eyes closed. Singing really loud when everyone was singing. Merci.



part two | 11-3

I’ve got a plan/I’ve got an atlas in my hand.

Space | time | privacy | company | understanding | support | good food | greenness

november 3

There’s this project-plan-lifechange brewing. I’ve been writing about it in October. I can’t say anything yet because we’re waiting on papers that would make it all legal and functional and until we have them we can’t talk about it. But I want to talk about it—I wish I were in rooms with all of you, able to get your ideas and inspiration.

We’ve been having fires every afternoon/evening we’ve been in this house. Working with other people is not unlike the way the fire suddenly catches from the embers to a new log. It can happen while working alone but it’s spectacular when it happens in company.


Printed so much stock. We ran out of paper even though J bought four new reams. But most of 111O/6 exists now, thanks to J’s hard work cutting/folding/packing (orders are going out tomorrow morning!). I printed six calendars with the last of the paper and tinting them by hand was really kind of fun! All the same but all different too. And cards are printed and glittered and orders have been packed and addressed and are just waiting for the post office tomorrow.


part two | 11-1

I didn’t realize how much of Lou Reed’s music scored my early 20s until now, listening to this. And Nick Drake. I remember how perfect The Royal Tenenbaums was to me when I first saw it: a shibboleth. If you didn’t like it, how could we be friends?

A lot of Wes Anderson (even TRT) gets on my nerves these days. But still, listening to this mix I’m transported to a bland apartment in Eau Claire where for many months I was very happy. And other places. But with music I’m often thinking about that place in particular.

Anyway, Lou Reed has died now, and maybe it’s fitting that I realize he was there in my life now that he’s not there. Now, on this day between times and worlds, day of the dead. I don’t have any special attachment to him; no nostalgia, no particular love for him or his mythology when I was listening to his music for the first time. But here he is, embedded in my memory even without my knowledge.


“I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum.” from Jewellr on 8tracks Radio.

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